133 (PB-034): Reproductive factors and breast cancer risk in Lithuanian women: a population-based cohort study [Abstract]

Steponavičienė, L., Vansevičiūtė, R., Zabulienė, L., Jasilionis, D., Smailytė, G.
European Journal of Cancer, 92:S3, S30 (2018)
Open Access


Parity and age at first birth are strong predictors of breast cancer risk among Lithuanian women. Our findings suggest that parity, age at first birth, and number of children are important risk factors of breast cancer among Lithuanian women. This should be taken into account in improving screening, and prevention strategies. However, although our study identified relationships between some major reproductive characteristics and development of breast cancer in Lithuania, further more in-depth research should examine potentially important direct and confounding effects of socioeconomic and biomedical variables.

Schlagwörter: Litauen, breast
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