Az alkoholos halandóság szerepe a várható élettartam iskolai végzettség szerinti egyenlőtlenségeiben

Bálint, L., Németh, L.
The role of alcohol-related mortality in life expectancy inequalities by educational level
Hungarian Science, 1666–1679 (2018)
Open Access


In our study, we aim to disentangle the effect of alcohol-related mortality on life expectancy and lifespan equality for different educational groups at the time of the regime change and two decades later. Our results reveal that in this period, mortality due to alcohol consumption has significantly decreased on the whole for the Hungarian population and separately for each education group as well. Although life expectancy has generally increased for all groups, the gap between the least and most educated groups has also increased, leading to higher inequality in life expectancy in the country.

Schlagwörter: Ungarn, education, life expectancy, life tables, mortality
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