Changes in socioeconomic mortality inequalities at adult and old ages in Lithuania, 2001–05 to 2011–15

Jasilionis, D., Stankūnienė, V., Baublytė, M.
European Journal of Public Health, 29:5, 971–973 (2019)


This article provides evidence about changes in mortality inequalities by education and economic activity status among adults aged 30–64 and older adults aged 65 and over in Lithuania between 2001–05 and 2011–15. The study shows that the overall mortality decline in Lithuania was not homogeneous across socio-economic groups. The inequitable progress resulted in a widening in absolute and relative mortality inequalities among older adults and notable increases in relative mortality inequalities among adults aged 30–64. The total public health burden of mortality inequalities remained very pronounced or even increased further.

Schlagwörter: Litauen, education, employment, mortality
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