Effect of neuronol on lifespan and development of spontaneous tumors in SAMP-1 mice with genetically accelerated aging

Popovich, I. G., Zabezhinski, M. A., Anisimov, V. N., Kovalenko, A. L., Petrov, A. Y., Semenchenko, A. V., Yashin, A. I.
Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine, 136:6, 595–598 (2003)


Treatment of female SAMP-1 mice with Neuronol (drug containing succinic acid) given with drinking water starting from the age of 2 months during the whole life prolonged the lifespan and markedly reduced mortality of animals aged 1.5-2 years. Neuronol inhibited the development of spontaneous tumors, primarily lymphomas, and significantly prolonged lifespan in mice with tumors. Long-term treatment with Neuronol had no pathological side effects. Our experiments demonstrated geroprotective and anticarcinogenic activity of Neuronol and safety of its long-term use.
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