Metod korrektsii elektrokardiograficheskogo interval s uchetom chastoti serdechnikh sokrascheniy

Gorlischev, V. P., Kalinin, L., Michalski, A. I., Shkolnikova, M. A., Shkolnikov, V. M.
A new method for correction of QT interval on the ECG
Control Sciences, 65–70 (2016)


The problem is considered of calculating the electrocardiographic QT interval, normalized with respect to cardiac rhythm frequency, in order to eliminate correlation between QT and the cardio-cycle length (or the heart rate — HR). The regularized polynomial least square regression algorithm is suggested for normative QT interval value calculation with HR equal to 60 beats per minute. The result is given of applying this algorithm to conversion of the raw QT values into corrected QTk values. It is shown that the correlation coefficient between calculated values of corrected QTk and the cardio-cycle length is lower than that one, obtained from any known formulae. Thus, the way is obtained of valuating the QTk length that is almost completely independent from HR and can be recommended for clinical use.

Keywords: electrocardiogram, regularized polynomial regression, corrected QTk, QTk and RR interval correlation

Schlagwörter: Russland
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