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Aiva Jasilioniene

Laboratory of Demographic Data


Fertility and Family Patterns at National and International Levels Projects details
Human Fertility Collection Projects details
Human Fertility Database Projects details
Integrated Modeling of International Migration Flows Using Multiple Data Sources Projects details
Long-Term Perspectives on Crisis and Fertility Projects details
Shifts in the Fertility–Development Nexus at the Macro and Micro Level Projects details
The Baltic Sea States Project Projects details

MPIDR Publications

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Klüsener, S.; Jasilioniene, A.; Yuodeshko, V.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2019-014. (2019)    
Nisén, J.; Klüsener, S.; Dahlberg, J.; Dommermuth, L.; Jasilioniene, A.; Kreyenfeld, M.; Lappegård, T.; Li, P.; Martikainen, P.; Neels, K.; Riederer, B.; te Riele, S.; Szabó, L.; Trimarchi, A.; Viciana, F.; Wilson, B.; Myrskylä, M.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2019-018. (2019)    
Čipin, I.; Grigoriev, O.; Jasilioniene, A.:
Rostock, Vienna. (2018)    
Klüsener, S.; Jasilioniene, A.:
Rostock; Vienna. (2018)    
Jasilioniene, A.; Sobotka, T.; Jdanov, D. A.; Zeman, K.; Kostova, D.; Andreev, E. M.; Grigoriev, P.; Shkolnikov, V. M.:
International Journal of Epidemiology 45:4, 1077–1078e. (2016)

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