Research Scientist

László Németh

Laboratory of Demographic Data


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MPIDR Publications

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Enroth , L.; Jasilionis, D.; Németh, L.; Strand, B. H.; Tanjung, I.; Sundberg, L.; Fors, S.; Jylhä, M.; Brønnum-Hansen, H.:
European Journal of Ageing, 1–12. (2022)    
Shkolnikov, V. M.; Klimkin, I.; McKee, M.; Jdanov, D. A.; Alustiza Galarza, A.; Németh, L.; Timonin, S. A.; Nepomuceno, M. R.; Andreev, E. M.; Leon, D. A.:
SSM-Population Health 18:101118, 1–13. (2022)    
Jdanov, D. A.; Alustiza Galarza, A.; Shkolnikov, V. M.; Jasilionis, D.; Németh, L.; Leon, D. A.; Boe, C.; Barbieri, M.:
Scientific Data 8:235, 1–8. (2021)    
Németh, L.; Jasilionis, D.; Brønnum-Hansen, H.; Jdanov, D. A.:
Population Health Metrics 19:34, 1–8. (2021)    
Németh, L.; Jdanov, D. A.; Shkolnikov, V. M.:
PLoS One 16:2, e0246663–e0246663. (2021)    

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