Deputy Head (Fertility & Well-Being)

Susie Lee

Laboratory of Fertility and Well-Being

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Analyzing Male Fertility: Toward a Comparative Approach Projects details
Consequences of Sibling Group Structure Projects details
Costs and Gains of Postponing Parenthood Projects details
COVID-19 and Family Projects details
Medically Assisted Reproduction Projects details
Recent Trends in Fetal and Infant Mortality (Dissertation) Projects details
The Influence of Health and Cognition on Fertility Projects details

MPIDR Publications

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Jung, M.; Lee, D. S.:
Demographic Research 48:30, 867–882. (2023)    
Lee, D. S.; Batyra, E.; Castro Torres, A. F.; Wilde, J.:
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 290:1998, 1–16. (2023)
Lee, D. S.; Nitsche, N.; Barclay, K. J.:
Population Studies 77:2, 241–261. (2023)    
Lee, D. S.; Semenchenko, H.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2023-011. (2023)    
Lee, D. S.; Semenchenko, H.:
Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health, 1–11. (2023)    

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