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A Nice Surprise - Bettina Hünteler Receives Young Scholar Award

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The 2023 Young Scholar Award of the journal Advances in Life Course Research goes to Bettina Hünteler. Since April 2023, she is working in the Kinship Inequalities Research Group at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock.

The Advances in Life Course Research Young Scholar Award is presented annually. The journal jury recognizes original contributions by young scholars in the field of life course research. The authors of the winning article will receive a prize of USD 500 and their paper will be made free-to-view for one year.

The single-authored journal article published in 2022, “A New Perspective on the Generational Structures of Families – Generational Placements over the Life Course” convinced the jury. According to the editor Juho Härkönen, they particularly valued the paper’s “methodological contribution to the analysis of generations and the life course and clear and relevant theoretical conceptualisations”. The article constitutes Bettina Hünteler’s her first dissertation paper - submitted at the University of Cologne - in which she identified six different typical patterns of individual family life courses. The patterns of individual trajectories provide new detailed insights into how the structures of intergenerational family differ between individuals and evolve across individual ages and socio-historical contexts. "I was very excited when I received the news. My paper was selected from all the 2022 Early Career Researcher submissions. Because I had not applied for this award I was very surprised," said Hünteler.

Original Publication

Bettina Hünteler: A new perspective on the generational structures of families – Generational placements over the life course in Advances in Life Course Research. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.alcr.2021.100450



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