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Congratulations Bettina Hünteler

Bettina Hünteler and her doctoral supervisor Prof. Karsten Hank. © private

Bettina Hünteler successfully defended her dissertation on "Generational Placement Trajectories and Their Associations with Later-Life Well-Being and Wealth Accumulation" at the University of Cologne on November 8, 2023. In her dissertation, Bettina Hünteler presents a new analytical approach to the study of intergenerational family systems. Following the life course perspective, she provides a more comprehensive empirical description of family structure as a process, thus extending previous research on the relationships between family and social inequality indicators such as well-being and wealth. This new approach allows for the simultaneous consideration of multiple family transitions and positions, as well as the timing and order in which they occur.

The dissertation was supervised by Prof. Karsten Hank and Prof. Thomas Leopold at the Institute for Sociology and Social Psychology at the University of Cologne.

Bettina is a research associate at the MPIDR and works in the research group Kinship Inequalities.

Publications as part of the doctoral thesis

Hünteler, B. (2022). A new perspective on the generational structures of families: Generational placements over the life course. Advances in Life Course Research51, 100450. DOI: 10.1016/j.alcr.2021.100450

Hünteler , B. M.; Hank, K.:
Ageing and Society, 1–19. (2023)    


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