April 01, 2020 | News | Congratulations

Doctorate obtained

Andreas Höhn has successfully defended his doctorate online. © Andreas Höhn

On March 30th, Andreas Höhn from the Max Planck Research Group Gender Gaps in Health and Survival successfully defended his doctoral thesis “Gender, Hospitalization, and Mortality” at the University of Southern Denmark. Due to the current circumstances, Andreas defended his thesis online. This was the first online defense the University of Southern Denmark has ever hosted.

Using data on hospital admissions, Andreas Höhn studied gender differences in mortality and health and the factors contributing to these differences. His thesis demonstrated that women at post-reproductive ages have a number of advantages surrounding hospital admissions: women are less likely to be admitted to hospital and have lower mortality following an admission to hospital. One potential factor explaining these advantages could be than women are more likely than men to seek medical advice in the disease course.

The thesis was supervised by Dr. Anna Oksuzyan and Prof. Roland Rau from the Max Planck Institute for demographic Research as well as Prof. Rune Lindahl Jacobsen and Prof. Kaare Christensen from the University of Southern Denmark.

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