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Farewell Vladimir Shkolnikov

At the beginning of May we said goodbye to our colleague Vladimir Shkolnikov. He went into his well deserved retirement. Vladimir was part of our institute for 23 years.

From 2000 to 2017 he was the Head of the Laboratory of Demographic Data which he built up from scratch. In 2017, he handed over the lead of the lab to Dmitri Jdanov and focused on research projects and supervising young researchers. Vladimir is the founding director of two flagship MPIDR data projects: the Human Mortality Database and Human Fertility Database. His main research interest are mortality and population health and his contribution to the field is recognized by many colleagues around the globe.

Vladimir Shkolnikov © MPIDR/Wilhelm

“We will miss Vladimir in our everyday life at the MPIDR but will continue our scientific collaboration from afar. In April 2023, we had a seminar in honor of Vladimir. Even after 20 years of joint work, I was surprised by how many top researchers collaborated with Vladimir. And all these busy people found the time to come to Berlin and congratulate Vladimir in person. But this is part of the story. Vladimir also is a key person for the career start of many young people who now are senior researchers,” said Dmitri Jdanov at the farewell.

We thank Vladimir for his great work and everything he has accomplished for demography and especially for the MPIDR.

Vladimir Shkolnikov and Dmitri Jdanov (r) © MPIDR/Wilhelm


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