June 02, 2022 | News | Rostock´s Eleven

Maria Gültzow to Represent MPIDR in Rostock Research Competition


Depression is a major cause of work disability worldwide. According to current research, the baby boomer generation is particularly affected compared to older generations. To find the reasons, doctoral student Maria Gültzow is investigating how differences in lifestyle between generations influence the risk of developing depression. She presents her results at the "Rostock's Eleven" research competition on June 2.

About Rostock's Eleven

Rostock's Eleven is a joint initiative of all research institutions in Rostock: Eleven young scientists from eleven research institutes in Rostock present the results of their research to  eleven science journalists from all over Germany. At the close of the event, the best presentation will receive a prize.

Original Publication

Gueltzow, M.; Bijlsma, M. J.; van Lenthe, F. J.; Myrskylä, M.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2021-017. (2021)    


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