May 26, 2021 | News | Welcome to the MPIDR

Rishabh Tyagi is a new PhD-Student at the Research Group: Labor Demography

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Coming from the National Institute of Medical Statistics in India, with a Master Degree in Biostatistics and Demography, Rishabh Tyagi is a new PhD-Student at the Research Group: Labor Demography. He wants to find out how technology induced job loss will affect health and fertility. In his free time he practices yoga and loves watching football matches.

What question drives you most in your research?

The question that drives me the most is that with the automation and new technologies in the industry, some jobs with a high component of routine work will disappear in the future. This will have health and demographic consequences for the individual and their family, as some working skills are no longer required in the labor market, and they will need to shift into new and potentially less desirable occupations with lower pay, less intrinsic motivation and lower status. This technology-induced job loss will affect their fertility decisions, family dynamics and will have several short- and long-term implications on their children.

What are you particularly looking forward to as you start working at MPIDR?

MPIDR has an amazing research environment, where they have a team of interdisciplinary researchers. To answer important research questions, they use innovative methods and unconventional data sources. I am looking forward to learning and collaborating with these scholars and scientists as that would give me a rich experience in working as a team player and learning from everyone’s expertise. I am also excited to participate in IMPRS-PHDS courses and seminars, which will help me develop advanced skills in causal inference, digital demography, and data science. 

What do you like most about Rostock?

I have not got an opportunity to visit Rostock yet. However, as far as I have heard, this place has got everything one can ask for. From the Baltic Sea to peaceful nature retreats in the city, this place got you covered. In addition, the large number of students give the city a youthful and dynamic cultural life. I would also love to see football matches at Ostseestadion, which is the home stadium of FC Hansa Rostock.

What are you obsessed with at the moment besides demography?

Due to the restrictions for COVID-19, I cannot go for outdoor activities, so I have started exercising and yoga every morning at home. I find It kickstarts my day and keeps me energized throughout. Apart from that, I love watching biopics and football on the weekend. I have also started learning the German language to understand the place and culture better when I come here.

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