July 12, 2021 | News | Welcome to the MPIDR

Sascha Jänicke-Osterholz is the new Head of Administration

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Sascha Jänicke-Osterholz is the new Head of Administration. Before joining the MPIDR, he worked at the Hochschule Wismar, was Financial Officer and Third-Party Funding Manager at the Carl von Ossietzky University , as well as Head of Administration for a Public Vocational School in Oldenburg. In his free time he likes to ride his racing bike and to take care of his new allotment garden.

Why did you decide to work at the MPIDR?

The reputation of the Max Planck Society (the Max Planck Institutes in general and the MPIDR in particular) is outstanding in the scientific community and also in the general public. Therefore, it is a pleasure to be able to contribute my knowledge and skills and to become part of the community. Moreover, the vacant position fits my profile perfectly and offers exciting tasks.

What are you particularly looking forward to as you start working at the MPIDR?

Before I started working at the MPIDR, I had heard about the friendly, collegial and professional working atmosphere, which I can confirm based on my first impression. In addition, it is of course a pleasure, as mentioned, to be allowed to work for such a well-known institute and to be able to help shape its future administratively. I am also positive that all those involved want to develop further.

You moved to Rostock, what do you like the most?

The decision to move to Rostock was an indirect decision, it was rather the consequence of my wife finding a job here as a scientist. Of course, I agreed to move with her, but I have to admit that at first, I had a hard time getting used to the region and its people. After living a year in Rostock, I have come to like the city. What stands out is the proximity to the water, with all its recreational opportunities: Kiting, sailing, swimming, SUP, jogging on the beach. You just have to recognize the potential and know how to use it.

What are you most passionate about in your free time at the moment?

At the moment, I spend a lot of time in our new allotment garden. It's a nice balance to office work and a quiet retreat in fresh air. But such a garden requires more attention (if you want to do it right) than expected. Currently, my other passion, sports, comes a bit too short. I like to run or ride my racing bike. I also like to SUP and exercise yoga, my swimming skills are unfortunately only rudimentary. I am also volunteering as organization manager of the Rostock Triathlon, where the preparations are currently in the hot phase. A nice, diversified task.

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