October 14, 2020 | News | Postdoc Stipend

Viorela Diaconu receives postdoc stipend from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation


Thanks to the funding from the foundation, Viorela Diaconu will further expand her research at MPIDR. She investigates socioeconomic inequalities in mortality among the elderly in Europe.

Till summer 2021, Viorela Diaconu will be a guest researcher in the group Lifespan Inequalities, headed by Alyson van Raalte. 

Viorela Diaconu was awarded a 28,800 euros postdoc stipend from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation to investigate socioeconomic inequalities in mortality among the elderly in several European countries. She introduces the modal age at death, an indicator which has been overlooked when monitoring such disparities.

More information about the stipend

Postdoc stipends from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation are an instrument used to support highly qualified individual junior scholars with doctoral degrees in a research project for a limited period of time. These stipends are intended, for example, to enable scholars to familiarize themselves with a new field of research and/or to write a scholarly article for publication. Excellent postdoctoral students are to be enabled through a stipend to concentrate exclusively on a project of their choice for a maximum of one year. Foundation's website

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