May 24, 2024 | News | New Faces at MPIDR

Welcome, Sonja Dorsch!

Foreign Language Secretary Sonja Dorsch is new member of the Laboratory of Digital and Computational Demography. © MPIDR/Schulz

Sonja Dorsch will join our Director Emilio Zagheni and the team of the Laboratory Digital and Computational Demography  as Foreign Language Secretary. Sonja has already seen a lot of the world and has worked in New Zealand and South Africa, among other places. She has lived in Rostock since 2012. 

What is your role at the MPIDR? 
I am the foreign language secretary in Director Emilio Zagheni's office here at the institute and I am really looking forward to supporting the director and the scientists in their work and having their backs in administrative matters. 

Why did you choose the MPIDR as your new employer?
Max Planck is an internationally renowned institution. In my professional life so far, I have learned a lot about organization and administration, and I think that fits very well in the support area of the institute. I'm also pleased to have a job where I can use my English skills. 

What motivates you to work in this area? 
I simply enjoy organizing and planning. Time management is one of my strengths and I can really make the most of it here. It's also great to support the scientists as a team assistant and enable them to conduct research almost “worry-free”. And there is hardly any other workplace in Rostock where you come into contact with so many different cultures, which suits my curiosity and my urge to learn new things.

Where are you from? 
Born and raised in Germany (Franconia).

What do you miss most about home (and maybe: what don't you miss at all)? I miss seeing my family every day, watching my siblings' children grow up and drinking coffee with my mother. On the other hand, I enjoy living near the water again and enjoying international cuisine.

What do you like best and least about your work?
All my colleagues have welcomed me warmly and helpfully and I'm really looking forward to my new area of work. I enjoy working in a team and it's a great feeling when I can save a scientist time with the right information or organize something quickly, for example.


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