Online Databases

The following databases are maintained and regularly updated by the MPIDR, together with various research partners. Access to the data is free to researchers and other interested persons after a brief process of registration.

  • Demography of Ageing across the Tree of Life Database (DATLife) 
    A curated data source for the comparative analysis of mortality and fertility across animals. In this context, “curated” means that the quality of information is assessed and recorded in the database.
  • Human Mortality Database
    Death rates and life tables calculated for 38 regions, including the input data (death counts from vital statistics, census counts, birth counts and population estimates).
  • Human Fertility Database (HFD)
    Detailed data on births, including different kinds of fertility rates, cohort and period fertility tables, and mean ages at childbearing.
  • Human Fertility Collection (HFC)
    The HFC has been designed to supplement the Human Fertility Database and to incorporate a greater variety of international fertility data that are valuable for fertility research but do not meet high quality standards of the HFD.
  • Compadre Database
    The COMPADRE database holds demographic data on reproduction, survival and growth for 600 plant species.