Population ageing - a threat to the welfare state? The case of Sweden

Bengtsson, T. (Ed.)
TitleDemographic research monographs 08
140 pages. Heidelberg [et al.], Springer (2010)
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1 Introduction
Tommy Bengtsson

2 The Ageing Population
Tommy Bengtsson and Kirk Scott

3 In This World Nothing Is Certain but Death and Taxes: Financing the Elderly
Åsa Hansson

4 A Stable Pension System: The Eighth Wonder
Agneta Kruse

5 Ways of Funding and Organising Elderly Care in Sweden
Per Gunnar Edebalk

6 Financing Healthcare: A Gordian Knot Waiting to Be Cut
Björn Lindgren and Carl Hampus Lyttkens

7 Towards a New Swedish Model?
Andreas Bergh

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