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Determinants and Consequences of Retirement

Peter Eibich, Angelo Lorenti, Julian Schmied; in Collaboration with Léontine Goldzahl (EDHEC Business School, Roubaix, France), Thomas Siedler (Universität Hamburg, Germany), Irene Mosca (Maynooth University, Ireland), Ricky Kanabar (University of Bath, United Kingdom), Alexander Plum (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)

We study how health and health behavior affect the timing of labor-force exits among older workers and the effects of retirement on the behavior of older people. We disentangle the complex relationship between health and labor-market participation using state-of-the-art methods for causal inference, such as regression discontinuity design.  Detailed Description

Research Keywords:

Economics, Employment, Retirement, Policies, Politics, Administration, Welfare State


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