Research Scientist

Daniel Christoph Schneider

Laboratory of Demographic Data
Laboratory of Population Health

I have been working at the MPIDR as a Statistical Programmer since 2015. Among my current research interests are single and multiple time series analysis and discrete-time multistate models in epidemiology. While I work in several different statistical software environments, my published software contributions have been to the Stata community. For more information, please see my ResearchGate profile.


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MPIDR Publications

Recent All

Schneider, D. C.; Myrskylä, M.; van Raalte, A. A.:
Population Studies, 1–15. (2023)    
Hale, J. M.; Schneider, D. C.; Mehta, N. K.; Myrskylä, M.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2022-029. (2022)    
Kripfganz, S.; Schneider, D. C.:
TUPD Discussion Paper TUPD-2022-006, Sendai. (2022)    
Schneider, D. C.:
Software. unpublished. (2022)
Dudel, C.; Schneider, D. C.:
Sociological Methods and Research, 1–22. (2021)    

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