Statistical Analyst

Maciej Danko

Max Planck Research Group: Gender Gaps in Health and Survival

MPIDR Publications

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Oksuzyan, A.; Dańko, M. J.; Caputo, J.; Jasilionis, D.; Shkolnikov, V. M.:
Social Science and Medicine. (2019)
Dańko, A.; Schaible, R.; Pijanowska, J.; Dańko, M. J.:
Marine Biology 165:3/48, 1–10. (2018)
Dańko, M. J.; Burger, O.; Kozłowski, J.:
PLoS One 12:10, e0186661–e0186661. (2017)
Dańko, M. J.; Dańko, A.; Golab, M. J.; Stoks, R.; Sniegula, S.:
Experimental Gerontology 95, 107–115. (2017)

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