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Maciej Danko

Laboratory of Migration and Mobility

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Şanlıtürk, A. E.; Zagheni, E.; Dańko, M. J.; Theile, T.; Akbaritabar, A.:
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 120:4, e2217937120–e2217937120. (2023)    
Böhnstedt, M.; Putter, H.; Dańko, A.; Dańko, M. J.; Gampe, J.:
Biometrical Journal 63:2, 323–340. (2021)    
Caputo, J.; Dańko, M. J.; Brønnum-Hansen, H.; Oksuzyan, A.:
Survey Research Methods 14:5, 487–497. (2020)
Dańko, A.; Schaible, R.; Dańko, M. J.:
Estuaries and Coasts 43:2, 360–374. (2020)    
Kozłowski, J.; Burger, O.; Dańko, M. J.:
Trends in Ecology and Evolution 35:4, 302–303. (2020)

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