Demographic Data

Research Area

Fertility and Family Dynamics

Keywords: Data and Surveys; Demographic Change; Family Behavior; Fertility Development; Statistics and Mathematics

Prior to 2007, a large share of the Data Laboratory’s activities on family and fertility dynamics was related to the implementation of the Generations and Gender Programme (GGP), with respect to survey data, micro-level information on fertility and family dynamics, changing life conditions, and events.

Since 2007 and in line with the Institute’s new priorities, the Laboratory has been developing online databases for the production of detailed and high-quality population-level data on fertility in developed countries. We maintain two databases: the Human Fertility Database, which went online in September 2009 (www.humanfertility.org); and the Human Fertility Collection, which went online in August 2013 (www.fertilitydata.org). The first of these databases produces a range of cohort and period fertility indicators computed from high-quality raw data on birth counts and population exposures after rigorous checks, while the second provides ready-to-use estimates of fertility rates collected from external sources (such as statistical offices, research institutes, and individual researchers) with no or very minimal adjustment.

The research area also includes population and micro-level studies on family and fertility in developed countries.

Projects of this Research Area: