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November 07, 2022 | Press Release

Is Facebook’s Advertising Data Accurate Enough for Use in Social Science?

Researchers of the Digital and Computational Demography Lab at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR) and colleagues recently published a paper in the “Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A” which systematically assesses the quality of Facebook’s ads data for use in social science research. They assessed the accuracy of this data by comparing self-reported and Facebook-classified demographic information on sex, age and region of residence of more than 133,000 users recruited via an online survey. Their results suggest that Facebook’s ads data can be used when additional steps are taken to validate the accuracy of the information under consideration.  more

November 03, 2022 | Press Release

Falling Birth Rates in Northern Europe

Miss X /

Birth rates in Scandinavia used to be the highest in Europe for long, but since 2010 they have declined faster than expected, such as in Finland where they have slumped to an all-time low. A study by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research now investigates the extent to which there are differences in fertility at the sub-national regional level. more

November 01, 2022 | Press Release

Mental Health of Single Mothers: Why Looking at the Pathways into Single Motherhood and Later Partnership Status Matters

Separation and widowhood affects the mental health of women and those who then become single mothers have an especially long lasting and harmful impact. These are the findings in a recent study by MPIDR Researcher Mine Kühn and colleagues which analyzes up-to-date Finnish register data. more

October 27, 2022 | Press Release

Increased Obesity Prevalence Exacerbates Depression Risk for Baby Boomers: A Counterfactual Study

MPIDR PhD-Student Maria Gültzow and colleagues used a counterfactual analysis in their recent study published in “Epidemiology” to assess the influence of generational differences in health behavior on the depression risk in the United States of Baby Boomers, and the Great and Silent generations. more

October 25, 2022 | News | Synergy Grant

Largest ERC Grant Goes to the BIOSFER-Team Led by MPIDR Director Mikko Myrskylä

Linda Tammisto

The European Research Council (ERC) rewarded a 14 Million Euro Synergy Grant for a period of six years to BIOSFER. The project brings together Mikko Myrskylä, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR), Siri Eldevik Haberg from Norway and Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen from Denmark with the shared scientific vision of untangling the biologic and social causes of low fertility in modern societies. more

October 20, 2022 | News | Welcome to the MPIDR

Andrea Colasurdo is a new PhD Student at the Research Group Kinship Inequalities


Andrea Colasurdo comes from the University of Bologna, Department of Statistical Sciences. He wants to detect the influence of kinship on migration and how the tendency to migrate is transmitted from generation to generation. While staying in Rostock, he wants to learn sailing. more

October 17, 2022 | News | Welcome to the MPIDR

Ana Cristina Gomez Ugarte Valerio is a new PhD Student at the Laboratory of Digital and Computational Demography


Ana Cristina Gomez Ugarte Valerio comes from Mexico City and obtained her Masters in Demography from El Colegio de México. She is interested in analyzing the relation between educational attainment and mortality in Latin American countries. In her free time, she loves to do and watch sports. more

October 17, 2022 | Press Release

COVID-19: Life Expectancy Mostly Continued to Decline in 2021 Bingol

Globally, life expectancy did not recover last year after the mortality shock due to the 2020 pandemic. At the same time, differences between countries are widening. A historical comparison of data, however, offers hope for rapid improvement. Those are the findings of a new study by MPIDR Researcher Jonas Schöley and his colleagues at Oxford University's Leverhulme Centre for Demographic Science that examined changes in life expectancy in 29 countries, published in the journal “Nature Human Behaviour”. more

October 13, 2022 | News | Welcome to the MPIDR

Linda Vecgaile is a new Research Scientist at the Laboratory of Digital and Computational Demography


Linda Vecgaile is a PhD candidate at the European University Institute in Florence. She is exploring machine learning tools and ways to combine them with individual life course information to answer sociological questions. Rostock reminds her a lot of her home country, Latvia, and especially its capital, Riga. more

October 11, 2022 | News | Welcome to the MPIDR

Anastasia Lam is a new PhD Student at the Laboratory of Population Health


Anastasia Lam is part of the IMPRS-PHDS doctoral program and completed the first half of her doctoral research at the University of St. Andrews, UK. Over the next two years at our Instituteshe will focus her research on inequalities in multimorbidity in low- and middle-income countries. more


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