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August 05, 2015

When new parents become unhappy, brothers and sisters become less likely

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New study: Couples who perceive a drop in happiness in the first year after they became parents, have a lower probability of having second children. more

October 15, 2014

Effect of the fall of the Berlin Wall: Three hours of life per euro


Each additional euro eastern Germans received in benefits from pensions and public health insurance after reunification accounted for three additional hours of life expectancy, a new study by MPIDR researcher Tobias Vogt shows. more

July 24, 2014

Non-marital births: Germany´s East-West divide will stay

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Births before marriage are common in East Germany, but not so in the West. The historical roots of this divide date back to well before 1945. It will stay for long. more

April 17, 2014

High disease load at conception reduces mortality of children during epidemics


MPIDR study proves trans-generational defense mechanism in humans: If the environmental disease load at conception is high mortality of the children is reduced during epidemics. more

April 02, 2014

Hotspots of longevity

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Mapping the very old: Those who reached an age of 105 years  or more in Germany are concentrated in the north-west and in Berlin. more

December 11, 2013

Daycare more important than culture

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New MPIDR study: Low birth rates in Germany do not result from German culture, but rather from too little provision of public child care. more

December 08, 2013

Aging out of bounds

Wikipedia, Tigerhawkvok

New Nature study: MPIDR researchers publish demographic data that show how diversely different species age across the tree of life. Evolutionary theories can not yet explain why. more

November 12, 2013

Stepparents are not always evil

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Parents’ strategy to love their children depends on more than blood ties, finds a new MPIDR study by Kai Willführ. more

July 10, 2013

Economic crisis lowers birth rates

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New MPIDR study: Rising unemployment rates stop upward trend of fertility in European countries more

March 21, 2013

Lifetime fertility on the rise / mathias the dread

New MPIDR projections: In many developed countries the trend of falling cohort birth rates reverses. Women born in the 1970s will have more babies than previous cohorts. more

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