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Formal and Statistical Approaches to the Study of Inequalities in Mortality

Ugofilippo Basellini, Esther Dorothea Denecke, Ana Cristina Gómez Ugarte Valerio, Roland Rau, Emilio Zagheni; in Collaboration with Jose' Manuel Aburto (University of Oxford, United Kingdom), Carlo Giovanni Camarda (French National Institute for Demographic Studies, France), Pavel Grigoriev (Federal Institute for Population Research, Germany), Fanny Janssen (Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute, Netherlands)

In this project, we focus on the development of new formal relationships and methodologies to investigate demographic change across countries and over time, with a specific focus on inequalities in mortality, length of life, and availability of kinship resources.  Detailed Description

Research Keywords:

Aging, Mortality and Longevity, Projections and Forecasting, Statistics and Mathematics

Region keywords:

Europe, Japan, Sweden, USA


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