Bevölkerung und Gesundheit

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Health Expectancies and Disability DynamicsBeschreibung


  • Trends in the Age Patterns of Mortality, Life Expectancy, and Life Disparity Details
  • Behavioral Determinants of Health and Mortality Details
  • Disability of the Elderly across Cultures Details
  • Cognitive Functioning in Developed and Developing Countries Details

Health and Mortality over the Life CourseBeschreibung


  • Early Life Determinants of Cognitive Functioning, Health, and Mortality Details
  • Health and Migration Details
  • The Impact of Family Network Composition on Survival and Reproductive Success Details

Social and Economic Determinants in Health and Life ExpectancyBeschreibung


  • Social and Economic Determinants of Hospital Use, Morbidity, and Mortality over the Life Course Details
  • Social and Economic Determinants of Mental and Cognitive Health Details
  • The Role of Health Behaviors in Social Differentials in Mortality Details

Methods and Concepts in Health and Survival AnalysisBeschreibung


  • Methods, Models, and Measures in Population Health Details
  • Methods to Analyze Trends in the Age Patterns of Morbidity and Mortality Details
  • Methods in Formal Demography and Demographic Timekeeping Details
  • Assessment of Methods in Population Health Details



  • The Baltic Sea States Project Details
  • Wissenschaftsinitiative Migration der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft: The Challenges of Migration, Integration and Exclusion Details