Head of the Laboratory of Statistical Demography

Jutta Gampe

Laboratory of Statistical Demography


Cognitive Functioning in Middle- and High-Income Countries Projects details
Estimating Smooth Rates from Interval-Censored Data Projects details
Health of Aging Adults Projects details
Modeling Informative Censoring Mechanisms Projects details
Multiple Time Scales in Survival and Event History Models (Dissertation) Projects details
Smooth Age-By-Covariate Interaction in Hazard Models Projects details

MPIDR Publications

Recent All

Böhnstedt, M.; Gampe, J.; Caljouw, M. A. A.; Putter, H.:
Lifetime Data Analysis, 1–23. (2023)
Belzile, L. R.; Davison, A. C.; Gampe, J.; Rootzén, H.; Zholud, D.:
Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application 9, 21–45. (2022)
Carollo, A.; Putter, H.; Eilers, P. H. C.; Gampe, J.:
In: Proceedings of the 36th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling (IWSM), Trieste, Italy, 18–22 July 2022, 123–128. Trieste: EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste. (2022)    
Böhnstedt, M.; Gampe, J.; Putter, H.:
Lifetime Data Analysis 27:3, 333–356. (2021)    
Böhnstedt, M.; Putter, H.; Dańko, A.; Dańko, M. J.; Gampe, J.:
Biometrical Journal 63:2, 323–340. (2021)    

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