Guest Researcher

Rosie Seaman

Research Group: Lifespan Inequalities


Monitoring Lifespan Inequality Projects details

MPIDR Publications

Selected All

Seaman, R. J.; Riffe, T.; Leyland, A. H.; Popham , F.; van Raalte, A. A.:
Social Science and Medicine 230, 147–157. (2019)       
van Raalte, A. A.; Seaman, R. J.:
In: Encyclopedia of Biomedical Gerontology. Elsevier. (2020)

Other Publications

Seaman R, Leyland A.H, Popham F.:
The European Journal of Public Health 2016;26:360-2.
Seaman R, Mitchell R, Dundas R, Leyland A.H, Popham F. :
BMC Public Health 2015;15:1-9.

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