Research Scientist and Training Chair – Department Zagheni

Sophie Lohmann

Laboratory of Digital and Computational Demography

Curriculum Vitae Download (PDF, 273 kByte)


Measuring Cultural Distance and Cultural Diffusion between Countries Using Digital Trace Data Projects details
Self-Regulation and Health Behavior: How People Can Successfully Change Their Actions and Live Healthier Projects details
Technology Use and Its Effects on Time-Use Patterns, Social Relationships, and Well-Being Projects details

MPIDR Publications

Coimbra Vieira, C.; Lohmann, S.; Zagheni, E.; Vaz de Melo, P. O. S.; Benevenuto, F.; Ribeiro, F. N.:
PLoS One 17:2, e0262947–e0262947. (2022)    
Fardet, T.; Hütten, M.; Lohmann, S.; Medawar, E.; Milucka, J.; Roesch, J. H.; Rolfes, J. D.; Schweizer, J.:
Frontiers in Sustainability 1:567211, 1–7. (2020)    
Lohmann, S.; Zagheni, E.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2020-023. (2020)    
Wilde, J.; Chen, W.; Lohmann, S.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2020-034. (2020)    

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