Samin Aref

Laboratory of Digital and Computational Demography

Research Scientist - Research Area Chair (Migration and Mobility)

Phone+49 (0)381 2081-297
Web Profiles saref.github.io


MPIDR representative at the Max Planck PostdocNet


  • Computational Analysis of the Structure and Dynamics in Networks with Negative Ties and Conflicting Relationships Project details
  • Measuring and Modeling the Migration and Mobility of Scholars Project details

MPIDR Publications

Alburez-Gutierrez, D.; Aref, S.; Gil-Clavel, B. S.; Grow, A.; Negraia, D. V.; Zagheni, E.:
In: Arbia, G.; Peluso, S.; Pini, A.; Rivellini, G. (Eds.): Smart statistics for smart applications : book of short papers SIS2019, 23-30. -: Pearson (2019).
Aref, S.; Mason, A. J.; Wilson, M. C.:
Networks, 1-16 (2019).
Aref, S.; Neal, Z.:
ArXiv preprint repository arXiv:1906.01696v1, -. (2019). Submitted.
Aref, S.; Wilson, M. C.:
Journal of Complex Networks 7:2, 163-189 (2019).
Aref, S.; Zagheni, E.; West, J.:
In: Flöck, F. (Ed.): Social Informatics: 11th International Conference, SocInfo 2019, Doha, Qatar, November 18-21, 2019, Proceedings. Cham: Springer (2019). Forthcoming.

Other Publications

Samin Aref, David Friggens, Shaun Hendy:
In Proceedings of ACSW 2018: Australasian Computer Science Week 2018, January 29-February 2, 2018, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Samin Aref, Mark C. Wilson:
Journal of Complex Networks 6, 4 (2018), 566-595.
Alireza Tafazzol, Samin Aref, Majid Mardani, Omid Hadad, and Mohammad Parnianpour:
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics
Samin Aref, Andrew J. Mason, Mark C. Wilson:
In Optimization Problems in Graph Theory, B. Goldengorin, Ed. Springer, 2018, pp. 65-84.
Iman Kazemian, Samin Aref:
International Journal of Supply Chain and Inventory Management 2, 1 (2017), 20–38.


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