Demographic Data

Data – The Lifeblood of Demography

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Having data that are rich and of excellent quality is one of the important reasons for the scientific success of the MPIDR. The amount of data available has always been a priority. However, today, when vast amounts of data are available on the Internet, having a lot of data is not enough. Data can be inaccurate, incomplete, or inconsistent; or they could come from questionable sources. That is why the DataLab is primarily interested in not just the amount of data collected, but having data of the highest possible quality and accuracy.

The DataLab has developed and currently maintains a number of online databases on human mortality and fertility. The data are being provided at the best possible level of detail and coverage, both temporal and spatial. The databases can be freely used both by the Institute’s researchers, and international scholars worldwide.

The DataLab is also involved in designing surveys for the collection of micro-data on determinants of health and childbearing. Together with researchers from France, UK, USA, Russia and other countries, the lab conducts studies on social and regional variations of demographic processes.Detailed description




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