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Ainhoa Alustiza Galarza, Vladimir M. Shkolnikov, Sigrid Gellers-Barkmann, Dmitri A. Jdanov; in Collaboration with John R. Wilmoth (United Nations, Population Division, New York, USA), France Meslé (French National Institute for Demographic Studies, Paris, France), Jacques Vallin (French National Institute for Demographic Studies, Paris, France), Evgeny M. Andreev (New Economic School, Moscow; since January 2017: National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation)

The Human Life-Table Database (HLD) provides life tables for various time periods and a large number of countries in different parts of the world. The tables, which are mainly produced by national statistical offices, document human mortality trends and inter-country variability.Detailed description

Research keywords: Ageing, Mortality and Longevity; Data and Surveys; Historical Demography; Statistics and Mathematics

Region keywords: World


Andreev, E. M.; Shkolnikov, V. M.:
MPIDR Technical Report TR-2010-005. (2010).

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