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Vladimir M. Shkolnikov

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Shkolnikov, V. M.; Scholz, R. D.; Jdanov, D. A.; Stegmann, M.; von Gaudecker, H.-M.:
European Journal of Public Health 18:3, 264–269. (2008)
Shkolnikov, V. M.; Andreev, E. M.; Zhang, Z.; Oeppen, J. E.; Vaupel, J. W.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2009-042. (2009)    
Shkolnikov, V. M.; Andreev, E. M.; Begun, A. Z.:
Demographic Research 8:11, 305–358. (2003)

Other Publications

Danilova I., Shkolnikov V.M., Andreev E., Leon D.A. :
Drug and Alcohol Review (2020)
Wenau G., Grigoriev P., Shkolnikov V. :
Journal Epidemiol Community Health. 73:605–611. DOI: 10.1136/jech-2018-211742 (2019)
Todd M.A., Shkolnikov V.M., Goldman N. :
Social Science and Medicine. 157: 138-147 (2016)
Shkolnikov V.M., Andreev E.M., Jasilionis D., Leinsalu M., Antonova O.I., McKee M.:
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 60(10): 875-881 (2006)
Shkolnikov V.M., Jdanov D.A., Andreev E.M., Vaupel J.W.:
Population and Development Review 37(3) (2011)

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