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Mortality and Health in Germany

Pavel Grigoriev, Vladimir M. Shkolnikov, Domantas Jasilionis, Dmitri A. Jdanov; in Collaboration with Georg Wenau, Olga Grigoriev, Roland Rau (all: MPIDR), Rembrandt D. Scholz (Berlin, Germany), Markéta Pechholdová (University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic), France Meslé, Vallin Jacques (both: French National Institute for Demographic Studies, Paris, France), Eva Kibele (The Statistical Office of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany), Gabriele Doblhammer (University of Rostock, Germany), Sebastian Klüsener (Federal Institute for Population Research, Wiesbaden, Germany)

This project covers various research aspects related to survival and health in Germany and its regions. It focuses on the reconstruction and analysis of mortality by cause, by East-West mortality differences, health of the elderly, regional variation, and by socioeconomic mortality differentials.  Detailed Description

Research Keywords:

Aging, Mortality and Longevity, Health Care, Public Health, Medicine, and Epidemiology

Region keywords:

Germany, Germany/FRG, Germany/GDR


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