Migration and Mobility

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Research areas and projects of this laboratory are as follows

Research Areas

Measuring and Modeling Migration and Mobility


Integrated Modeling of International Migration Flows by Using Multiple Data Sources Project details
Temporal Effects in Migration Measurement: Evidence from Geo-Referenced Digital Trace Data Project details
Combining Digital Trace Data and Representative Surveys to Estimate and Predict Migration Stocks and Flows Project details
Assessing Migration Patterns in Latin America by Combining Traditional and Digital Trace Data Sources Project details
Estimating Migration and Mobility after Natural Disasters Project details
Impact of Human Mobility on Spatial Dynamics of Infectious Diseases Project details
The Human Migration Database (HMigD) Project details
Sex and Gender Differences in Migration Patterns Project details
Patterns of Migration and Mobility in Response to International Conflicts and Wars Project details

High-Skilled Migration


Migration and Mobility of Scholars Project details
Studying International Migration of High-Skilled Professionals by Using Large-Scale Digital Trace Data Project details
Scholarly Migration Database Project details

Integration and Segregation


Evaluating Immigrants’ Cultural Assimilation by Using Digital Trace Data Project details
Measuring and Modeling Cultural Distance Between Countries and Its Relationship with Migration Patterns Project details
Studying the Interplay Between Social Media Discourse and Refugee Segregation Project details
Linking Social Stratification and Geographic Mobility Through Geo-Referenced Data Project details
Understanding Patterns of Immigrants’ Integration in Online Spaces Project details
The Interplay Between Refugee Inflows, Anti-Immigrant Attitudes, and the Well-Being of Immigrants Project details
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