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Methods, Models, and Measures in Population Health

Mikko Myrskylä, Christian Dudel, Daniel Schneider, Enrique Acosta, Jo Mhairi Hale; in Collaboration with Héctor Pifarré i Arolas (University of Wisconsin-Madison, La Follette School of Public Affairs, USA)

Detailed Description

To study population health, it is essential to have measures that accurately reflect the key dimensions of the underlying concept or process of interest and to have methods that allow us to model the underlying data structure. We work to develop new measures, methods, and models in order to extend the existing demographic toolbox for studying population health. For instance, in a paper recently published, we discussed the potential pitfalls of adjusting assessments of population health by population age structure, which under certain conditions can be misleading. We proposed a novel measure of population health that is not affected by this problem and demonstrated its usefulness in studying the racial/ethnic mortality gap in the United States. Other work in this project studies the inertia of population growth and statistical inference for time series models.

Research Keywords:

Aging, Mortality and Longevity, Demographic Change, Life Course, Statistics and Mathematics


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