Fertilität und Wohlbefinden

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Contemporary and Future Trends in FertilityBeschreibung


  • Decoding the Rollercoaster Fertility Age Details
  • Shifts in the Fertility-Development Nexus at the Macro and Micro Level Details
  • Causal Inference Approaches to Fertility over the Life Course Details
  • Improvement and Evaluation of Fertility Forecasts Details
  • Comparing Age- and Parity-Specific Approaches to Project Cohort Fertility in Developing Countries with Defective Data Details
  • Family Formation in Comparative Perspective Details

Costs and Gains of Postponing ParenthoodBeschreibung


  • Parental Age at the Time of Birth and Health Outcomes for Parents and Offspring Details
  • Parental Age at Birth and Period Trends Details
  • The Long-Term Consequences of Sibling Group Structure Details

Fertility and Well-Being in a Comparative PerspectiveBeschreibung


  • Fertility and Well-Being in a Comparative Perspective Details

Fertility and Economic UncertaintyBeschreibung


  • Long-term Perspectives on Economic Crisis and Fertility Details
  • Changes in Fertility and Marriage in Western Balkan Countries since 1980 Details
  • Unemployment and Fertility – Structural Conditions vs. Short-term Variations Details
  • The Couple Dimension of Economic Precariousness (Dissertation) Details

A Comparative Perspective on Male Fertility TrendsBeschreibung


  • Estimating Male Fertility from Vital Registration Data with Missing Values Details
  • Analyzing Male Fertility: Towards a Comparative Approach Details
  • The Evolution of Mean Paternal Age from 1900 to the Present Day – Are Today’s Fathers Really Older than Back in the Days? Details

Innovative Perspectives on the Fertility TransitionBeschreibung


  • Cohort Fertility Change in Urban and Rural Areas of the Developing World Details
  • Fertility Transitions in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Parity-Progression Analysis Details
  • Social and Spatial Distance in the Fertility Transition Details