Maarten Jacob Bijlsma

Laboratory of Population Health

Research Scientist

Phone+49 (0)381 2081-211
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I am an applied statistician, epidemiologist, and demographer with a special interest in advanced statistical methods for counterfactual causal inference.

Since November 2015, I have been employed at the Population Health laboratory of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR). At the MPIDR, I am primarily concerned with applying causal inference methods to study the social determinants of population health and mortality, but lately I have also been making some forays into fertility research.

For more info, see my personal website.


MPIDR Publications (recent)

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Bijlsma, M. J.; Wilson, B.; Tarkiainen, L.; Myrskylä, M.; Martikainen, P.:
Epidemiology 30:3, 388-395 (2019).
Nisén, J.; Bijlsma, M. J.; Martikainen, P.; Wilson, B.; Myrskylä, M.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2019-017. (2019).
Sudharsanan, N.; Bijlsma, M. J.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2019-004. (2019).
Vidra, N.; Bijlsma, M. J.; Trias Llimós, S.; Janssen, F.:
International Journal of Public Health 63:6, 683-692 (2018).
Bijlsma, M. J.; Daniel, R. M.; Janssen, F.; De Stavola, B. L.:
Demography 54:2, 721-743 (2017).


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