Timothy Riffe

Laboratory of Population Health

Research Scientist

Phone+49 (0)381 2081-184


MPIDR Publications (recent)

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Riffe, T.; Aburto, J. M.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2019-001. (2019).
Riffe, T.; Barclay, K. J.; Klüsener, S.; Bohk-Ewald, C.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2019-002. (2019).
Seaman, R. J.; Riffe, T.; Leyland, A. H.; Popham , F.; van Raalte, A. A.:
Social Science and Medicine 230, 147-157 (2019).
Stewart, I. B.; Flores, R. D.; Riffe, T.; Weber, I.; Zagheni, E.:
In: Liu, L.; White, R.; Mantrach, A.; Silvestri, F.; McAuley, J.; Baeza-Yates, R.; Zia, L. (Eds.): Proceedings of the World Wide Web Conference WWW 2019: May 13-17, 2019, San Francisco, CA, USA, 3258-3264. New York: ACM (2019).
Aburto, J. M.; Riffe, T.; Canudas Romo, V.:
BMJ Open 8:7, e022350-e022350 (2018).


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