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Human Fertility Collection

Conducted by Dmitri A. Jdanov; Vladimir M. Shkolnikov, Olga Grigoriev, Aiva Jasilioniene, Pavel Grigoriev, Karolin Kubisch; in Collaboration with Tomáš Sobotka (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna Institute of Demography, Austria), Kryštof Zeman (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna Institute of Demography, Austria), Anatoli Michalski (V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation)

The Human Fertility Collection is a joint project of the MPIDR and the Vienna Institute of Demography. It is designed to supplement the Human Fertility Database by including a variety of fertility data that are valuable for fertility research, but that do not meet all of the HFD quality standards.Detailed description

Research keywords: Fertility Development; Family Behavior; Demographic Change

Region keywords: World


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