Dmitri A. Jdanov

Laboratory of Demographic Data

Head of the Laboratory of Demographic Data

Phone+49 (0)381 2081-246
Fax+49 (0)381 2081-546


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Jdanov, D. A.; Jasilionis, D.; Shkolnikov, V. M.; Barbieri, M.:
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Jasilionis, D.; Jdanov, D. A.:
International Journal of Epidemiology, 1-2 (2019).
Grigoriev, P.; Michalski, A. I.; Gorlischev, V. P.; Jdanov, D. A.; Shkolnikov, V. M.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2018-001. (2018).
Klüsener, S.; Grigoriev, P.; Scholz, R. D.; Jdanov, D. A.:
Comparative Population Studies 43, 31-64 (2018).


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