Emilio Zagheni

Laboratory of Digital and Computational Demography

Director; Head of the Laboratory of Digital and Computational Demography

Phone+49 (0)381 2081-104
CV Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


Emilio Zagheni is a demographer who uses mathematical, statistical and computationally-intensive approaches to study the causes and consequences of population dynamics. He is best known for his pioneering work on using Web and social media data for studying migration processes and for his role in developing the field of Digital and Computational Demography.


  • Demographic Change, Climate Change, and Energy Demand Project details
  • Demographic Differential Uses of Social Media and Social Network Sites Project details
  • Estimating Fertility Indicators Using Facebook Data Project details
  • Estimating Migration and Mobility after Natural Disasters Project details
  • Evaluating Immigrants’ Cultural Assimilation Using Digital Trace Data Project details
  • Intergenerational Transfers of Informal Care Time by Gender and Age Project details
  • Measuring and Modeling the Migration and Mobility of Scholars Project details
  • Modelling International Migration Flows by Integrating Multiple Data Sources Project details
  • Studying the Interplay between Social Media Discourse and Refugee Segregation Project details
  • Temporal Effects in Migration Measurement: Evidence from Geo-Referenced Digital Trace Data Project details

MPIDR Publications (selected)

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Zagheni, E.; Weber, I.:
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Zagheni, E.:
Population and Development Review 37:4, 761-783 (2011).
Melegaro, A.; Jit, M.; Gay, N.; Zagheni, E.; Edmunds, W. J.:
Epidemics 3:3-4, 143-151 (2011).
Iozzi, F.; Trusiano, F.; Chinazzi, M.; Billari, F. C.; Zagheni, E.; Merler, S.; Ajelli, M.; Del Fava, E.; Manfredi, P.:
PloS Computational Biology 6:12, e1001021-e1001021 (2010).


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