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  • The Financial Crisis and the Length of Working Life Details
  • Working Life Expectancy at Older Age Details
  • Methods, Models, and Measures in Population Health Details
  • Labor-Force Participation of Youth, Health, and Health Behaviors Details
  • Precarious Work, Life-Course Outcomes, and Health Details
  • Behavioral Determinants of Health and Mortality Details
  • Disability of the Elderly across Cultures Details
  • Aging, Retirement, and Well-Being Details
  • Gender Differences in Health and Mortality: Comparative Approach Details
  • Estimating Male Fertility from Vital Registration Data with Missing Values Details
  • Analyzing Male Fertility: Towards a Comparative Approach Details

MPIDR-Publikationen (ausgewählte)

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European Journal of Population (2018).
Dudel, C.; Myrskylä, M.:
Demography 54:6, 2101-2123 (2017).
Dudel, C.:
Survey Research Methods 11:1, 81-92 (2017).