Research Scientist

Pekka Martikainen

Laboratory of Population Health


Assessment of Methods in Population Health Projects details
Behavioral Determinants of Health and Mortality Projects details
Costs and Gains of Postponing Parenthood Projects details
Early-Life Determinants of Cognitive Functioning, Health, and Mortality Projects details
Health and Migration Projects details
Labor-Force Participation of Youth, Health, and Health Behaviors Projects details
Linked Lives: The Importance of the Family for Socioeconomic Attainment, Health, and Mortality Projects details
Medically Assisted Reproduction Projects details
Monitoring Mortality Inequalities Consortium Projects details
Shifts in the Fertility–Development Nexus at the Macro and Micro Level Projects details
Social and Economic Determinants of Hospital Use, Morbidity, and Mortality over the Life Course Projects details
Social and Economic Determinants of Mental and Cognitive Health Projects details
Working-Life Expectancy at Older Age Projects details

MPIDR Publications

Recent All

Li, P.; Hu, Y.; Scelo, G.; Myrskylä, M.; Martikainen, P.:
Cancer Epidemiology 82, 1–8. (2023)
Aradhya, S.; Tegunimataka, A.; Kravdal, Ø.; Martikainen, P.; Myrskylä, M.; Barclay, K. J.; Goisis, A.:
International Journal of Epidemiology, 1–9. (2022)    
Diaconu, V.; van Raalte, A. A.; Martikainen, P.:
PLoS One 17:2, e0263626–e0263626. (2022)    
Goisis, A.; Palma, M.; Metsä-Simola, N.; Klemetti, R.; Martikainen, P.; Myrskylä, M.; Pelikh, A.; Tosi, M.; Remes, H.:
SSRN research paper series 4109037. unpublished. (2022)    
Kühn, M.; Baranowska, A.; Metsä-Simola, N.; Junna, L. M.; Martikainen, P.:
MPIDR Working Paper WP-2022-026. (2022)    

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